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The New Age of Banking

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Instant, Affordable Crypto Loans Made
Fast and Easy
Accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, USD Coin, Paxos Standard & PAX Gold
No Credit Checks, Exchange Fees or Hidden Fees!

Earn Interest

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Compounding interest paid out daily


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Interest starting from only 6% APR

Earn Interest

Earn daily compounding interest on your crypto assets and stablecoins

Borrow Cash or Stablecoins

Pledge your crypto as collateral and borrow cash or stablecoins


Crypto Banking Just a Swipe Away

Introducing the Endz Meet Genius Card -- a crypto credit card that lets you spend the value of your crypto assets without selling them. Get 2% instant cashback on all purchases with your Endz Meet genius card at over
40 million merchants worldwide.

Trust that Your Digital Assets Stay Secure

Endz Meet’s secured crypto loans offer an attractive pathway for you to exploit the benefits of virtual currency while mitigating the inherent limitations and design-based risks of this asset class. Endz Meet is establishing a new standard of rule for best-in-class compliance and security to protect your cryptocurrencies while allowing you to put them to work.

Borrow and hold your crypto asset

Comprehensive risk assessment, state-of-the-art cybersecurity and secure data protection

Opening an account is quick and easy

No problem. 24/7 Customer Service

On-the-Go Access to Your Account Information

Endz Meet has created a robust mobile platform